S/F composite tanks separate explosion-proof modification portable LNG filling station portable separate and explosion-proof fuel tank explosion-proof devices specially specially used for methanol/ethanol separate and explosion-proof underground fuel tank separate and explosion-proof portable refueling equipment
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S/F composite tank is short for Steel/FRP composite tank.  It origins in the USA, and is a steel and reinforced fiberglass double-wall design fuel storage container.  It features a strong steel tank with a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) outer coating for leakage protection, which forms a fuel tank with double-wall structure.  Between the inner steel tank and the FRP outer coating is continuous interstitial space, where leakage detecting equipment is equipped to undertake 24-hour monitoring to the space.  Once the inner tank or outer coating leaks, the sensor of the leakage detector will alarm when a liquid level at the bottom of the interstitial space is detected, making sure the safety use of the tank.

1、Inner Coating: made of 6mm thick Q235-B steel plate, stronger than the normal single-wall tank which is only 5mm thick.

2、Outer Coating: reinforced fiberglass wall, over 2.5mm thick, with high stress resistance and stress tolerance, resistant to Corrosion and electrolytic corrosion;

3、Interstitial Space: 0.1~3.5mm; ranging 300°, with no stable support;

4、Reinforce structure: inner tank reinforced;

5、Detection Equipment: 24-hour real-time monitoring with leakage detector, able to detect the alarm sent out when detecting liquid level at the bottom of the interstitial space.

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