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LNG is short for Liquefied Natural Gas.  The LNG filling station fills LNG vehicles with LNG through cryogenic pumps.  It can also, at the same time, fill CNG vehicles after putting on pressure with high-pressure liquid pump and vaporizing the gas with vaporizers.  Among these gas filling stations, besides the classic filling stations, of which the devices are assembled into a complete system on-site, there are also another kind, where the devices of the filling station are integrated and installed onto one or more skids previously in the factory, and function to refuel vehicles as well as standard gas filling stations: this is what is called portable LNG filling station.

Portable LNG filling station has many outstanding advantages, including safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, covering small area, easy to install on-site, rapid to construct, highly manoeuvrable, etc.  It has a good developing prospect as a type of gas filling station.

The design idea of the portable LNG vehicle filling station is high integration, convenient operation and easy maintenance, and meeting the requirement of relative national technology norms.  It is special gas filling equipment to fill the LNG storage tank of vehicles with the LNG of 1.2mPa in pressure, and -162℃ in temperature inside the LNG tank through pipeline, cryogenic pump and filling machine, etc.

It is generally composed of:LNG tank, LNG cryogenic pump, LNG pressure regulating vaporizer, EAG heater, LNG gas filling machine, skid base, pipelines, control system and corollary equipment, etc.

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