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The principle of separate and explosion-proof technology: by inserting special aluminium-alloy mesh explosion-proof materials into the fuel tank, as the meshes of the explosion-proof materials layers forms an alveolate structure, separating the inner cavity of the container into many tiny ‘cells’.  These ‘cells’ can restrain flame from spreading, and this alveolate structure has greatly thermal and static conductivity in unit volume; it eliminates statics, avoids the statics from building up, and is able to rapidly absorb most of the heat released from the combustion, greatly reducing the end temperature after the combustion, and the dilation of the reacting gas is greatly reduced.  As a result the pressure inside the container does not go very high, and the aim to restrain the explosion is reached.  This effectively prevents the fuel tank from exploding when there is open fire, statics, welding, shooting or impacts, etc.

The separate explosion-proof technology makes use of the highly porous alveolate structure of the separate explosion-proof material inside the container, dividing the inner space of the tank into many tiny ‘cells’, which effectively prevent the flame from forming and rapidly spreading, and energy from instantly releasing, while the surface properties of its material makes it absorb and resolve energy, destroy the explosion conditions of the combustion agents, therefore avoiding combustion.

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