S/F composite tanks separate explosion-proof modification portable LNG filling station portable separate and explosion-proof fuel tank explosion-proof devices specially specially used for methanol/ethanol separate and explosion-proof underground fuel tank separate and explosion-proof portable refueling equipment
Name 10m³Separate and Explosion-Proof Portable Filling Equipment
Price 42000yuan
Model HYQZ-F/Y-W/1-2-10 Diesel/Gasoline
Size 10m³
(for one/two type(s) of Fuel)
Dimensions 4090*2760*2950
Capacity Diesel 8.5 tons asoline 7.3 tons
Filling Machine 1 unit/two nozzles

The whole set is explosion-proof, with automatic extinguishing, automatic protection against high liquid level, automatic cutoff, and the insulation layer adopts unique patented technology to protect the fuel.


The portable refueling station is an overground refueling equipment, integrating the functions of fuel tank, filling machine and video monitoring. The fuel tank of the portable explosion-proof refueling station (container) has been monitored in terms of the separate explosion-proof technology.  The separate explosion-proof technology modification is to fill the fuel tank storing flammable and explosive liquid, with separate explosion-proof material (separate explosion-proof material is a kind of material of mesh mechanism, made with special aluminum alloy) of a certain density.  When accidents of open fire, statics, impact, lightning strike, shooting, welding, accidental violent impact happen, explosion will be avoided.  It is fire and explosion proof, safe and environmentally friendly, covering small area, and is easy to transport, etc.  The product is widely applicable to bus stops, ports, wharves, airports, large construction sites, and inner refueling stations within enterprises, etc.

The separate and explosion-proof material developed by Hongyi has solved the faults of the explosion protection technology existing in the area of Flammable, explosive, liquid and gaseous chemicals: by making significant improvements over the processing of materials, changing a variety of characteristics of the materials, the problems where the explosion-proof materials will easily be worn into pieces which block the pipelines after used for long, has been solved.

As a new type of refueling facility, the portable refueling equipment has been playing a significant role with its unique advantage in the competition within in refined oil market, and has a very good market prospect.  Some of the features are the reasons why the portable refueling equipment is popular among the customers:

1、Safety as explosion-proof: The portable refueling station adopts separate and explosion-proof technology, filling the fuel tank storing flammable and explosive liquid, with separate explosion-proof material of a certain density.  When accidents of open fire, static sparks, lightning strike, etc. happen, fire hazard will not be caused, thus avoiding Personal and property losses; and it is equipped with automatic alarming control system, which is able to notice abnormal situation in time, making it convenient for emergency response.

2、Energy saving and emission reduction: it is equipped with oil vapour recovery system, which restrains and reduce the volatilization of the oil, saving energy and reduce pollution.
3、Environment protection up to norms: the portable refueling station is equipped with Class 1 oil vapour recovery system; the two layers of the tank avoid leakage and pollution; the inter-layer monitor of the tank improves the inspection of leakage; once oil/gas leakage happens, alarms will be put on in time to solve it, avoiding pollution to the surroundings.  Safety and protection of the environment has been guaranteed from the level of design.

4、Elimination of statics: the statics accumulated while fueling and unfueling is eliminated in time, avoiding sparks, greatly improving the safety.

5、Flexible equipment: according to the need of customers, it can be equipped with explosion-proof tanks with different specificationss, making it possible to store different types of oil, and can be flexibly equipped with filling machines with different functions.

6、Various design: the outlook of the product can be customized according to the requirement of customers, fulfilling the individual needs of different customers.

7、Easy to install: transported and craned as a whole set, in position with one step, rapidly constructed, put in use at once.

8、Economical: low cost of construction, covering small area, portable at any time according to needs. Economically preservative, lower input, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, low operation costs, long operation life, etc.

9、Easy to clean: the tank can be sealed to be cleaned and drained at any time, making it safe, simple and fast, convenient to maintain.

10、Convenient and practically useful for the people: the product can be filled with gasoline, diesel, ethanol gasoline, methanol gasoline and bio-diesel, broadly applicable to oil storage and transportation and other special places in need of oil, including the central cities, towns and communities, bus stations, logistic centers, express centers, highways, logistic parks, mining working plants, parking sites, fleet bases, refueling stations of vehicles, ports, wharves, airports, inner refueling stations within enterprises, projects for the people of village units, etc.

11、Good developing prospect: it is widely expected by the people within the industry for the separate explosion-proof vehicle refueling equipment to develop greatly, as it has instant effect and high returns, with great developing prospect.  It is bringing fundamental changes to the idea of refueling station construction.  Portable stations has been popularized and put in use across China by steps, and it will, to some extent, change the way petroleum products are sold.  This is an opportunity to enlarge the terminal retail market, and the people will also get more convenient and more economical service from it.

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